Why Crocs Golf Shoes Are The Best

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Crocs—the world leaders in innovative footwear for children, men and women from all walks of life, had made a revolutionary launch at the 2012 PGA show. Marking the company’s 10th anniversary, the launch hit the “sweet spot” with the first golfing shoes collection and offered sleek and comfortable fits–for pros and amateur golfers alike!

If you are desirous of bringing out your best on your favored greens and fairways, you might want to lay greater focus on the functionality and design of your golf footwear. Today, a standard pair may pinch your wallet with around $300—this surely makes these Crocs golf footwear a more affordable choice.

The tips mentioned below help you with the right ways of picking the best Crocs golf shoes for your next round on the course. Read on for more.

Tip No. 1: Know More about your Chosen Crocs Golf Shoes

If you have not liked the “crocish” look cast by the early footwear designs by these makers, you will surely fall in love with the form factor and design of the latest golf footwear range. Retaining their trademark vibe, these shoes are available in a couple of variations, including the black and wing type version. The bestsellers in the collection are the Bradyn Golf Shoes designed for men as well as women; Men’s Preston Golf Shoes and the XTG LoPro Sandal range that comes with a saddle like look. Crocs does not make a golf bag.  One golf bag that goes very well with this shoe is made by Adidas Golf Bags. Their style goes very well with Crocs.

Tip No. 2: Take a Peep into What’s Inside?

While the exterior parts of Crocs golf shoes are pretty much the same as those from other brands, it’s an absolutely different story when you take a peep at the insides. The insoles of Crocs golfing footwear are innovatively designed to offer a massage-like feel. This feature comes in handy when you need to walk or stand for long hours on the golf course. It’s well advised to choose the pair that allows a springy sensation—a la your new running shoes.

Tip No. 3: Ensure Purchase of the Right Fitting Crocs Golf Shoes

Most reputed shoe brands strive to offer a comfortable fit for their consumers. However, it’s up to you to choose a tight or roomy pair. To ensure the right fit, it is essential to be aware of the size that is best suited for your feet. This can be conveniently done by examining and going through the shoe size tables and zeroing in on the measurement that perfectly aligns with your purpose.

Crocs golfing footwear provides three different kinds of fitting for all users. Rather than going in for a bigger size and ensuring enough room for your feet, you may like to go ahead and opt for the relaxed, roomy or standard fits. These fits are discussed below:

Roomy Fit

The roomy fit or the widest fit provided by Crocs is recommended for golfers who do not desire to have their toes touching the footwear’s front. As these roomy shoes are likely to slip off because of the gap between their tip and your toes, they are equipped with smartly designed back straps to hold them in place.

Relaxed Fit

This type fit tends to provide a more secure feel and smaller room in comparison to the Crocs golf shoes with a roomy fit. Here, your toes, along with the sides of your feet, may end up touching the shoe walls. But then, they still provide a little room for a comfortable and relaxed fit. In other words, you have enough wiggling space in the front part of the shoe and on the sides.

Standard Fit

Crocs golf shoes with a standard fit are designed to provide a more secure fit than the ones mentioned above. In spite of their close fit, these shoes are very comfortable and succeed in hugging your feet comfortably. And yes, there is a little room for those small wiggles in the front of these shoes too.

Tip No. 4 Go in For Ergonomic Designs that Reduce Muscle Fatigue

All Crocs golf shoes are especially designed to comply with the ergonomic standards laid down by experts. It’s recommended to go in for the specific version that promises to reduce muscle fatigue. This is true for all golfers, as they have to be on their feet for 4-5 hours (or longer) while walking across the 18 fairways of the course. Regardless of the time taken to complete a round, these shoes help you avoid those unnecessary breaks taken because of muscle sprains or pains. Take a closer look at some factors that make your shoes perfect for casual and golf wear alike. Your shoes must be comfortable, because you will be carrying a heavy golf bag around all day. But, Adidas Golf Bags like those here http://www.golfbagreviews.net/best-adidas-golf-bags-market are not very heavy. Also, their style looks great, and matches this type of footwear.

The pressure exerted by your lower body parts, which includes your legs and knees, is taken away in an easy manner with the help of shock-absorbing soles. Choose accordingly.

The inlaid materials should be bacteria and odor resistant.

Go in for heel straps that equip the shoes to provide better support and prevent slips.

Lastly, your chosen shoes should not require a lot of maintenance.

Tip No.5: Assess the Functionality and Design

Apart from how they impact the insides, the soles of your Crocs golf shoes contribute quite a lot to the other features of your footwear. For instance, the color of the sole is designed to match with the accent color of the golf shoe. Also, when you walk on well manicured greens or the fairways in between, you can hear a gripping sound from the spikes in the sole. Surprisingly, these spikes do not look weird at casual events and are also comfortable for those long walks on solid pavements.

Crocs golf shoes can be easily purchased by visiting reputed footwear portals online and are available in a wide range of colors and designs. While the ones launched earlier are available in black, blue, white and brown; the newer versions are more attractive and come in dark and light brown accents. Choose the one that best matches with the rest of your golfing gear –you will not be disappointed.

So, are you ready to walk around with the world renowned Crocs comfort? These top tips go a long way in helping you pick the best Croc golf shoes for your preferred sport. Choose the best pair for your feet right here http://www.bestgolfshoes.info/crocs-golf-shoes-comfortable-golf-shoes –today!

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